Vizit Timisoara with a local guide

Local tour packages in modular system thematically as follows:

Ecumenical Tour

Ecumenical Tour – presume visit, with certified guide, the most representative churches from Timisoara. A brief history of the evolution of spirituality of Timisoara, description of every place of worship visited, the way that cult influenced the development of community (ex: Roman Catholic order Piarist), specific spiritual heritage and representative personalities.

Cultural and Historical Heritage

Cultural and Historical Heritage – tour of Timisoara museums, enriching participants with basic information – and not only – about every domain of visual arts (sculpture, architecture, picture, ethnography etc.). Will be visited: Baroque Palace (Art Museum); Department of Ethnography from Bastion; Public Transport Museum „Corneliu Miklosi”; Banat Village Museum.

Timisoara – Celebrities Alley

Timisoara – Celebrities Alley – durin this tour, you will discover gradually that this city was visited once or several times by great personalities of Romania and even of world. Seeing whom, how and when lived or visited Timisoara, we will realize that Timisoara is not an ordinary city on the map – yes, I’m not afraid to say it – of world.

Green Timisoara

Green Timisoara – love for nature, repect for plants and animals, the benefits emerging from nature, will remember us why Timisoara was named rightly, long ago, „City of Flowers”. We will visit also the most important parks in town like: Central Park (Scudier Park); Alpinet Park; Park of Roses; Queen Mary Park, telling about history of foundation, their importance in the city and specifities.

"Heroes never die”

„Heroes never die” – we will make sure that those who will through this tour of Revolution Memorial to understand the social context, economic and political in which Timisoara was found when, in a magical but fateful day, desire for freedom of Timisoara people caused irreversible triggering Romanian Revolution in December 1989. Thus Timisoara became the first free city of communism from Romania and also honorably acquired a new status, among other cities from Romania: that one of Martyr City.

Promenade through the Old City

Promenade through the Old City – pedestrian conducted tour, which will reveal the pleasure of a walk in the middle of a large densities of major tourist attractions located in the old city of Timisoara.

The project is addressed especially to children and groups of tourists, but also to any person (or group) who wants to have a special experience and get to know Timisoara in a new way. Educational tourism combines the spirit of adventure and the desire to know Timisoara stories.

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